“The summer program matters”, said Amy, “I attribute Max’s Harvard acceptance with attending that course”.

Our SPOTLIGHT MOM is AMY BAXTER; she is a talented entrepreneur and mother of 2 boys 14 & 19 living in Tequesta, Florida.

Amy’s background is unique; she comes from a restaurant family on Cape Cod that is still running the business. Her sons work there during the summer so it is still all in the family. Tradition and life skills are important to Amy, and so is education.

Her oldest son had a dream to go to Harvard. Max participated in AP courses, musician, captain of the Drumline and a class valedictorian. Getting into Harvard without a legacy and financial security is quite a leap. Amy discussed options with a close family friend and learned about the summer program at Harvard. “The summer program matters”, said Amy, “I attribute Max’s Harvard acceptance with attending that course”.

The plan was that while Max was working at the Cape restaurant during the summer he would commute to Cambridge to attend the summer classes and work the weekends. Not only did Max at 17, show extreme responsibility in managing this difficult schedule, he took up the challenge and also excelled at his Music Theory course. Usually it is common for students to take 2 summertime courses but due to his time limitations he opted to just attend the one course in which he was most interested.

Max, always a great student, loves music and has a private school background. He chose to apply only to Harvard in the early decision, and received an acceptance. His essay was about being in a rock band. He is currently following a Liberal Arts degree focusing on music. He plays flute, guitar and drums. Max is also a DJ at Harvard and plays in the Motown Band. Back at home during high school he played in a garage band called Blue City Lights.

Tenacity is an attribute that Max learned from his mother. His mother Amy grew up with her grandmother teaching her the old time crafts like sewing, crochet, jewelry making and needlework. These creative skills have skipped a generation and many women are looking to learn ‘how to’ conquer the deftness of their grandmothers fingers. “Having passion for what you enjoy” is Amy’s motto and she lives that passion when she hosts parties for kids and adults at her Eco Shanty Boutique.eco shanty group.jpg

The Boutique is a DIY workshop that caters to ages 7 and up. Girls and women design clothing and home goods in as a group project. They call it a “camp”, the shop with recycled fabric is filled to the brim. The group designs tee-shirts and other items with the created appliques.  This creates that old fashion community of women sitting together talking laughing and creating. On Fridays, the boutique hosts a fashion show where the girls model their creations; this empowers their confidence and artistic foundation.

Amy’s family also hosted a 17 year old Chinese student,  “The biggest benefit we all got out of the situation was the cultural exchange of ideas and traditions”, said Amy.  This amazing mother and son have a long list of accomplishments; the M+G Foundations is thrilled to feature Amy Baxter as the FEATURED MOM.

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