Lynn Min

Executive Director, Founder

Ms Min is the Executive Director of the M+G Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to being a catalyst for social change through designing socio-economic-cultural-technological ecosystems locally adapted for the effective enrichment of communities. The foundation addresses these issues worldwide.

Part of the M+G foundation is M+G Education, a leading in full-service global educational solution provider, based in the US, is dedicated to delivering comprehensive and sustainable solutions to secondary schools who seek to build a successful international program. The strength of M+G Education is in the dedication of its highly educated, culturally diversified professional team working across the globe and their ability to interpret global economic opportunities for local communities. Through M+G Foundation, a non-profit organization, focusing on fostering cultural exchange and educational programs for local schools and communities, M+G Education developed immersion programs such as The American Experience to give the international students the tools to thrive in their new environment in the US. The M+G Education network consists of schools, host families, in-country student recruitment agencies, local non-profit organizations and local services providers.

As a concerned world citizen and architectural professional, Ms Min’s work focuses on connecting all sectors of society. She has a particular concern for finding solutions that address grass-roots problems through promoting cultural and bio-diversity, as well as community engagement. Her holistic approach to design includes creating social entrepreneurship programs for disadvantaged youth and communities, curriculum-related after school enrichment programs for K-12, and college level credit-earning service-learning programs. Her vision coalesces around the theme of environmentally sensitive design.

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