The Ultimate Luxury is Education


M+G Education is a US based, for-profit organization that focuses on connecting people and ideas globally and fostering sustainable solutions that promote cultural-exchange, community building and sustainable living through learning life skills education and local workforce training.

M+G Education is a leading full-service global educational solution provider and dedicated to delivering comprehensive and sustainable solutions to secondary schools who seek to build a successful international program.

The strength of M+G Education is in the dedication of its highly educated, culturally diversified professional team working across the globe. Their ability to interpret global economic opportunities for local communities with personal attention to provide the best experience for the international student and the American community. 

Through M+G Foundation, a nonprofit organization, M+G Education focuses on fostering cultural exchange and educational programs for local schools and communities. M+G Education has developed immersion programs such as The American Experience to give the international students the tools to thrive in their new environment in the US. 

The M+G Education network consists of schools, host families, in-country student recruitment agencies, local nonprofit organizations and local services providers.

  • Student Services
  • Community Service
  • College Fairs
  • Test Prep & Tutoring
  • Summer Camps
  • International Students Solutions
  • Housing Solutions
  • Adult Education
  • Summer Programs
  • Sister Schools
  • Internship