Connecting Global Resources to Local Communites


M+G Foundation is a US based not-for-profit organization that focuses on building sustainable global connections for the local community. The Foundation promotes cultural diversity in humanity and biodiversity in nature which is built upon the pillars of education and community. Cultural diversity happens naturally in the US, and local projects that combine kids and adults in artistic projects is one of the ways that the M+G Foundation inspires community development and camaraderie. The Origami Everglades Project is an excellent example of this concept at work.


The goal of this program is to prepare both the American students and the international students to become responsible global citizens and competitive participants in the globalized economy in the near future. An important and recurring theme throughout the program is the focus on co-existence of humans and nature to reach sustainability through community building and environmental stewardship.


M+G Education and M+G Foundation are committed to raising the next generation of global leaders and building a support community to enable this vision. This is perhaps the most important theme throughout all platforms of our programs. It includes the concepts of sustainability, conservation and creating a “socially responsible” lifestyle and relating it to the students as future citizens of the world..