M+G Foundation is the brainchild of founder Lynn Min. She started thinking about how to connect children and community back in 2005 and created M+G Education in 2009 and the Foundation in 2010.  Lynn’s main focus is to expose all children to arts, education, travel, and community building. As a community we need to extend children’s education beyond school.

As an architect, Lynn plans for sustainability in design and construction, as a mom she searches for community connections and how to bring service into children’s lives. Children need to learn about nature and how to build a community; this will ensure future sustainability of our planet both for the natural world and on a human level. When children learn about art, history and how it relates to them, they will be more inspired to study specific subjects more intensely. School sometimes doesn’t have the time to show enough practical examples. We are not in competition with schools; we are just promoting more learning outside the regular school structure.

The Origami Everglades project is an example of Lynn’s persistence in creating an opportunity for community building. By bringing together the idea of building, and learning about endangered animals while kids and adults sit together and talk while working on the project. When ordinary people get together they can solve the most challenging problems of the day. Getting multiple generations together to learn, experience, play, talk, and interact is the goal.


The lack of community is one of the leading problems today. Alienation, loneliness creates separation and fear in our lives. Building community leads to kindness, compassion and creative solutions. The Foundation has a phase 2 project, which is to establish public spaces to promote collaboration based in current libraries. This rise of entrepreneurial and content creation spaces may offer alternative funding models for some public libraries and a unique opportunity for new centers that offer more than just space. Additionally, this action would also create local jobs and bring global resources into the community where they are needed.

Ideally, inviting scientific academies, artists, musicians, community leaders, CEO’s and other interesting adults to the center would enrich the lives of the children by opening doors to worlds they have not experienced. This promotes a cultural exchange and opportunities in the center to connect with people who could make a difference.

Diversity happens naturally in the US, and local projects that combine kids and adults in artistic projects are one way that M+G Foundation inspires community development and camaraderie. Another way is our intention to feature artists work on this website and open up a page where children can post their artwork for sale, proceeds going to the schools or program of their choosing. Truly, we want to use the format of this website to show a unified community project.