M+G Foundation strives to be the incubator of great ideas for global community service programs that are initiated by inspired teens.

Respect for Indigenous Culture: Have sincere respect for the indigenous people. See and draw upon the beauty of the indigenous culture and environment. A student is not visiting these locations as a charity provider, but as a friend and an ally in their struggle, and a student of their culture.

Environmentally Sustainable: It is important that all projects are environmentally sound and sustainable. The aim is to share cultures and improve lifestyle views. The program should minimize its environmental impact while searching for environmental solutions.  

Economically Sustainable: Generate mutual respect and inspiration that will foster culture exchange and growth powered by economic trade. 

Scholastic Opportunity: Each Program should provide diverse learning opportunity for participants along with a specific focus area.

Summit Access: Each program should strive to include the involvement of a field expert, or the support of the local government.

Global Citizen Stewardship: The program encourages students to adopt a global view and develop strong sense of global citizen stewardship.

Adventure: Foster the spirit of adventure in life, which is critical for lifelong learning.

Ripple Effect: Share the experience with people all over the world by giving a presentation, or by activating social media communication options like making a video, writing a blog or starting an Instagram following. 

List of the M+G Community Service Projects Available

  • Origami Everglades Project
  • Peer Tutoring  Programs
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Service Leaning Programs
  • Community Building
  • Travel Programs
  • Sister Schools
  • College Interships
  • & much more coming soon