Host Family is where the International Student attending private day school in the U.S. is expected to live while enrolled at school.  It is a clean and safe accommodation in a friendly American home where the Student can practice English language skills during shared time with his or her Host. The household of each Host Family shall have at least one adult. The age of the Host may range from young people in their twenties with children to retired or widowed people in their seventies.

The Homestay Handbook provides Host Families, the International Students, and their Parents with information to help these families and the Students enjoy a successful experience. The responsibility of a Host Family is not only meeting a Student’s basic living needs, but also ensuring that there is a parent-like supervision and that the Student feels welcomed though a warm, supportive, and inclusive homestay environment involving all family members.

A Homestay can be mutually beneficial to the Student and the Host Family. The experience of living harmoniously with another family will help the Students learn to be tolerant, trustworthy, and independent as they strive to reach social maturity. The Host Family will gain reciprocal exchanges and global friendships that last longer than the homestay itself.

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